Traditional Pool Wall Systems

Plywood Wall- The plywood wall pool has been since the pressure treated plywood came to market. Still used today, this is not a user-friendly idea. The definition of Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. …For several years now we have known burning of pressure treated materials causes toxic gasses to include the deadly cyanide gas. And yes, Swimming Pool Chlorine is a oxidizer. So, the health benefits of owning this type a swimming pool diminish dramatically. Your basic wood rot and porous surface of wood holds molds, disease etc…

Steel Wall- Most manufactures are using a 14 to 16-gauge steel wall. The problem is they will rust if not properly installed and maintained. We all know metal will rust. Some pool walls come with a protective finish and some do not. One of the latest problems on the steel industry is cost. The cost of purchasing a pool kit today far exceeds yesterday’s cost.

Polly Wall- Polly Wall pools are great in some climates However they can potentially lose the structural integrity after the first freeze. Cost of the Polly wall pool is typically up to about 10% more and longevity is good repairing the first crack can be costly.

Fiberglass– With out a doubt the largest end of the pool business. But this type pool comes at a cost Shipping is one of the biggest. Easy to install and fast. Problems Hard to level, hard to keep in the ground if not installed properly the manufacturing mold you pick is what you get. Not customizable at all.

Concrete – most common in high end homes and the MOST expensive and time consuming in the construction process. Fully customizable. Most upkeep, but the oldest of the styles in today’s market.

This is why we consider our design to be the Strongest, Most Cost Effective and Safest style Pool Wall System on the market today.  We have taken the best practices from all types of pools and created a fully customizable and economical Swimming Pool Wall System — with pricing up to 50% less that the competition.