We Manufacture Pool Kits

Using a Patented Superior Design!

Waterproof, Rot-Proof, Chemical-Proof and Lasts Longer Than Traditional Pools

The Best Pool Wall System on the Market Today for 50% of the COST of Traditional Pools!

Patented Superior Pool Wall System

Our patented swimming Pool Wall system is constructed of a rigid PVC wall form.  The Pool Wall consists of a smooth finish PVC on both front and back of the wall.  The interior of the wall system is constructed in a web of PVC supports that can be custom fitted for different designs and shapes.  The form wall is then reinforced using steel rebar through its entirety.  The wall is then filled with concrete to give the strength above current building materials and at a lower cost to the builder/owner.  This design comes from my 40 years in the pool and construction industries, utilizing several types of materials and designs.  By taking the ideas of traditional building, molding and modifying them into this wall system, this product is far superior to traditional styles.  The Pool Wall form can handle horizontal hydraulic pressure as well as vertical pressures.

Pool Walls and Deck are Built as One Piece

The pool wall and deck support system are built together. The pool wall has a plurality of wall panels secured together in end-to-end relation to define the perimeter of the structure. The wall system will support both the wall of the pool and the perimeter deck. The deck system is supported by rebar 2 foot on center and extending from the 12 inches in the ground thru the wall and to the width of the pool deck, making the system one piece, while complying with ANSI Standards.  The sidewalk grid is attached, grounded and bonded by NFPA 70 standards then sidewalks are then poured.

Waterproof, Rot-proof, Mildew-proof, Rust-proof

In addition to the advantages of strength, easy assembly and installation, it is made of a waterproof, rot-proof, mildew proof, rust-proof, chemical proof materials and is extremely capable of long life in the ground. This means that pool walls built according to the invention are not only less expensive but also last longer and give more satisfactory service and longevity.

Cost is up to 50% Less Than the Competition!

We consider our design to be the Strongest, Most Cost Effective and Safest style pool wall system on the market today.  We have taken the best practices from all types of pools and created a fully customizable and economical Swimming Pool Wall System – with pricing up to 50& less that the competition!